Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Tribe Called Quest - Revised Quest for the Seasoned Traveller

Artist: A Tribe Called Quest
Title: Revised Quest For The Seasoned Traveller
Release Date: 1992
Label: Jive/RCA

As the years go by, the number of obnoxious remix collections multiplies faster than a tribble. The dance contingent is the worst criminal of this exercise, whereas the farthest hip-hop groups usually stray is by releasing "instrumental" versions of their albums. Thankfully, Revised Quest for the Seasoned Traveler is a refreshing exception to both such workmanlike rules. Fans will notice something pleasant right off the bat: The majority of the remixes on this compilation are actually done by the band themselves. So you get the rather faithful re-take of "Description of a Fool" by A Tribe Called Quest (and the Jungle Brothers), "Public Enemy" in a more club-friendly environment, and even the smiley "Bonita Applebum" turned into a fun piece of Top 40 cheese. It's most of the third-party perspectives that should be passed over (the simplistic house of Tom and Jerry's "Luck of Lucien" remix is as predictable as it sounds). Which means only a couple of these outsiders go much above and beyond the call of remix duty. The "Boilerhouse Mix" of "Can I Kick It?" adds a layer of dark solidity to the Lou Reed-sampling classic while Norman Cook (in his pre-Fatboy Slim days) does a fiesta, horn-blaring reggae take on "I Left My Walled in El Segundo." Both of these are unique -- and tasteful -- remixes done of such Tribe favorites. So generally, the quality is quite high here compared to what one may expect from cobbled-together remix albums. It's half-way personal, half-way engaging. Revised Quest for the Seasoned Traveler is a treat for both hardcore fans as well as those listeners curious enough as to how to properly compile a hip-hop remix collection. Especially without the tribbles.


01. Bonita Applebum 12 why edit
02. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo (Vampire Mix)
03. Description of a Fool (Talkie)
04. Public Enemy (Sat. Night Disco Mix)
05. Check the Rhime (Mr Muhammads)
06. Luck of Lucien (Main Mix)
07. Can I Kick It (Xtnd Boilerhouse Mix)
08. Scenario (Young Nation Mix)
09. If the Papes Come (Remix)
10. Jazz (Weve Got) Re.recording
11. Butter (Hip.Hop Mix)
12. Bonita Applebum (Hootie Mix)

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A Grape Dope - Limited Edition Tour CD

Artist: A Grape Dope
Title: Limited Edition Tour CD

A Grape Dope (known forthwith as AGD) is the offshoot, beat-oriented, slow jam, and otherwise selector (after some stumbling), brain-damaged child of John Herndon. Mr. Herndon spends the majority of his time spinning yarns for the groups Tortoise, Isotope 217, and AGD finds joy in the sounds between the cracks. Inspired by the breath of a two-headed garbage dog and their fearless mistress, AGD found beats where there were none and sorrow in our collective happiness, and vice versa.

AGD has remixed Tommy Guerrero, Trans Am, Tortoise, and While for labels such as Chocolate Industries and Thrill Jockey.

No Track List, No Song Titles.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

30 Ft. Fall - Acme-143

Artist: 30 Ft. Fall
Title: Acme-143
Release Date: March 11, 1997
Label: Fearless Records

30 Foot Fall, sometimes stylized 30footFALL, is a Houston-based punk rock band widely recognized as the most successful and enduring punk band to emerge from an unsteady Houston music scene in the 90s.[citation needed]

Formed in the early 90s by drummer Rubio Cisneros and Broken-Note founder/guitarist Crazy Tony Avitia, 30 Foot Fall recruited lead singer Butch Klotz and released their original demo. After Avitia left to start I-45, the group added Chris "Delron" LaForge on guitar (replacing Avitia), and Damon Delapaz on drums.

Touring Houston, Dallas, and Austin, 30 Foot Fall's popularity grew. Line-up changes were frequent. The band at this point had developed their own sound, comparable to early NOFX or based on elements developed by Minor Threat.

After several demos and 7"s, 30 Foot Fall recorded and released their first LP, Divided We Stand on Fuzzgun Records in 1995 and followed it up with the Junior High Sucked 7" in 1996. Fearless Records signed the band (along with fellow Houston staples Bickley) and produced their next record, Acme-143.


01. Urine Nation.mp3
02. Entertainment Vs Enlightenment.mp3
03. People Are Stupid.mp3
04. Play It By Ear.mp3
05. Constipation.mp3
06. No Compromise.mp3
07. Cheese.mp3
08. Bad Hair Day Punk.mp3
09. Sick Circle.mp3
10. Feel Like Morrissey.mp3
11. Out Of Breath.mp3
12. Nothing Is Cool.mp3
13. Grasp.mp3
14. Still Rock 'n Roll To Me.mp3
15. Punk Rocks In Your Head.mp3
16. Willing To Survive One Day At A Time Like The Band Surviv.mp3
17. (Blank).mp3
18. (Blank).mp3
19. (Blank).mp3
20. (Blank).mp3
21. (Blank).mp3
22. (Blank).mp3
23. (Blank).mp3
24. (Blank).mp3
25. (Blank).mp3
26. (Blank).mp3
27. (Blank).mp3
28. (Blank).mp3
29. (Blank).mp3
30. Untitled.mp3

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24-7 Spyz - Temporarily Disconnected

Artist: 24-7 Spyz
Title: Temporarily Disconnected
Release Date: February 21, 1995
Label: Enemy

Temporarily Disconnected is the fourth album from rap/metal/funk pioneers 24-7 Spyz. It features the reunion of the band's classic lineup, including mainstays Jimi Hazel and Rick Skatore along with the return of vocalist P. Fluid (now using his proper last name, Forrest) and drummer Anthony Johnson. The reunion and subsequent album were based on the lingering popularity of this particular lineup in Europe (where it was released exclusively) following the demise of the Spyz Strength in Numbers period.

Musically, the album was seen by many critics, fans, and some band members as a step backwards after the focused effort of Strength in Numbers. Once again, problems between P. Fluid and the rest of the band came to a head following a 1995 European tour, with Fluid and Johnson exiting the band shortly thereafter.

Like many 24-7 Spyz albums, this recording is out of print.


01. Dogs Come Out
02. Outta Mind, Outta Time
03. Fire & Water
04. Why?
05. Body Thief
06. Choose Me
07. Heart Of Fire
08. Stoner
09. Boots
10. Agroovendee!
11. Choose Me (For Those Who Like It Rough In The Middle Remix)

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24-7 Spyz - Harder Than You

Artist: 24-7 Spyz
Title: Harder Than You
Release Date: December 1989
Label: Relativity

Harder Than You is the debut album from rap, metal, and funk pioneers 24-7 Spyz. The album contains elements of several genres and is the band's heaviest album. The group flirts with polka on "Tango Skin Polka," introspective political reggae on "Ballots Not Bullets," and speed metal with "Spill My Guts."

The band made a video for MTV with their cover of Kool & the Gang's "Jungle Boogie." The song was also remixed into a dance version with extended electronic instrumental passages and was popular on the club circuit.

The album is widely regarded as a pioneering effort in the fusion of hip hop and heavy metal that would take place in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Like many 24-7 Spyz albums, the recording is out of print.


01. Grandma Dynamite
02. Jimi'z Jam
03. Spyz Dope
04. Social Plague
05. I Must Go On
06. Ballots Not Bullets
07. Jungle Boogie
08. Spill My Guts
09. Sponji Reggae
10. Tango Skin Polka
11. Pillage
12. New Drug

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

24-7 Spyz - Gumbo Millennium

Artist: 24-7 Spyz
Title: Gumbo Millennium
Release Date: 1990
Label: Relativity

Gumbo Millennium is the second album from 24-7 Spyz. Like the band's previous effort Harder Than You, the album contains elements of several genres but focuses heavily on groove-based R&B and soul music. The band tackles the Exxon Valdez scandal and environmental neglect on the soulful "Valdez 27 Million?" and explores jazz improvisation with "Dude U Knew." Jimi Hazel raps on the Anthony Johnson-penned hip hop track "Don't Push Me," one of two songs on the album about racism. The other, simply titled "Racism," is an aggressive death metal rocker whose thought provoking lyrics are unintelligible due to the speed of the lyrics


01. "John Connelly's Theory"
02. "New Super Hero Worship"
03. "Deathstyle"
04. "Dude U Knew"
05. "Culo Posse"
06. "Don't Push Me"
07. "Spyz On Piano"
08. "Valdez 27 Million?"
09. "Don't Break My Heart!"
10. "We'll Have Power"
11. "Racism"
12. "Heaven and Hell"
13. "We Got a Date"
14. "Some Defenders' Memories"

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24-7 Spyz - 6

Artist: 24-7 Spyz
Title: 6
Release Date: 1996
Label: Enemy Records

24-7 Spyz (pronounced "twenty-four-seven spies") are a band from the South Bronx, New York City, formed in 1986, originally consisting of Jimi Hazel (guitar), Rick Skatore (bass), Kindu Phibes (drums), and P. Fluid (real name, Peter Forrest) (vocals). The band is best known for mixing soul, funk, reggae, and R&B with heavy metal and punk music. The fact that they are African Americans playing variations of heavy metal led critics to compare them to bands such as Living Colour and Bad Brains. Though they were pioneers in the fusion of these particular music styles, influencing many bands, they have never achieved substantial commercial success. After several lineup changes, the band broke up in 1998, but reformed in 2003 before releasing their first new album of original material in over a decade in 2006.


01. Spyz In Da House
02. Love And Peace
03. Yeah x 3
04. If I Could
05. Burned
06. Simple Minded Simon
07. Eyes Don't Lie
08. Interlude
09. El Lame
10. Free To Be
11. Let Your Fancy Flow
12. Crushonya
13. No Hope For Niggaz
14. Love For Sale
15. Clique
16. 7 and 7 Is
17. Along Comes Mary

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